Tinted photograph of Meredith Tax, age 4, photographer unknown

CARASA demonstration 1978, Meredith Tax and Ellen Ross carrying banner, photographer unknown

Gentile Bellini, “A Seated Scribe,” 1479-81, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Rembrandt von Rijn, “Adam and Eve,” detail, 1638, British Museum

George Bellows, “Cliff Dwellers,” detail, 1913, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Fernand Leger, “Face and Hands,” 1952, Museum of Modern Art

Etruscan dancer, detail of fresco in Tomb of the Lioness, 520-510 BC, Tarquinia, Italy

Johannes Vermeer, “The Lacemaker,” 1669, Louvre

Wassily Kandinsky, “Swinging,” detail, 1925, Tate Gallery