Milwaukee 1948: My brother Tommy and me. He was two and I was six.

Milwaukee 1951: A family portrait: Tommy, Bobby, Mom, Dad, and me.

Milwaukee 1959: My high school yearbook photo.

Waltham 1964: My college yearbook photo.

London 1966. Picture  by Ann Snitow.

Boston 1970: Margie Davies, Fran Ansley, and me singing at a Bread and Roses demonstration. Picture by Ann Popkin.

1970: The same Bread and Roses demonstration, Fran Ansley and me singing. Picture by Ann Popkin.

China, 1973: At the Ming Tombs on a cultural workers trip organized by The Guardian.

1973: With guide, in China.

New York 1978: A CARASA demonstration at NYU Law School against a speech by Joseph Califano, the Carter administration's Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, after passage of the Hyde Amendment cutting off Medicaid financing for abortions. 

New York 1978: The same NYU demonstration against Califano.  Ridiculous sunglasses. Beautiful crochet hat by Ros Baxandall.

New York 1980: Cover photo for The Rising of the Women. Picture by Alice Bissell.

 New York 1982, Cover photo for Rivington Street. Picture  by Alice Bissell.


New York 1986: Chairing the women's protest meeting at Congress of Internaitonal PEN, with Betty Friedan waiting to speak.  My glasses had just broken so I had to wear sunglasses, and couldn't fit into my proper clothes becauase I had recently had a baby. Yet we prevailed. Picture by Sarah Krulwich.

Paris 1989: My beautiful hat from the flea market. Picture by Harriet Goldberg.

Rio de Janeiro 1991: Speaking at a Congress of International PEN.

Beijing 1995: Ninotchka Rosca and I demonstrating at the NGO forum at the UN Conference on Women.

Bellagio, Italy 1996: Participants in the first world conference on gender and censorship,  organized by Women's WORLD. Front row: Fahmida Riaz (Pakistan), Asenath Odaga (Kenya), Mariella Sala (Peru), Svetlana Alexievich (Belarus), me (US), Miriam Tlali (South Africa), Hasna Mekdashi (Palestine), Grace Paley (US).  Middle row: Marjorie Agosin (US), Christiana Lambrinidis (Greece), Ritu Menon (India), Lucy Friedman (US), Gertrude Fester (South Africa), Eva Hung (Hong Kong), Maria Jovita Zarate (Phillipines), Ninotchka Rosca (US), Ama Ata Aidoo (Ghana).  Top row: Paula Giddings (US), Nadia Azhgikhina (Russia), Angelica Gorodischer (Argentina), Christina Fonseca (Chile), Lynn Szwaja (US), Leslie Kaplan (France), Ana Pizarro (Chile).

Harare 1999: Women's WORLD panel at Zimbabwe International Book Fair.  Left to right: Ritu Menon, Pat McFadden, me, Ama Ata Aidoo.

Harare 1999: Women's WORLD panel at Zimbabwe International Book Fair.  Left to right: Pat McFadden, me, Ama Ata Aidoo.

New York 2009: Authors at book party for Night School Voices at CUNY's Murphy Institute.  Picture by Sam Alcoff.

New York 2009. Picture by Miriam Berkely.

People's Climate March 2014

New York 2016: Selfie.

2016,  George Washington Bridge, PR photo for A Road Unforeseen. Picture by Miriam Berkely