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WARVIN in Kurdistan

Hi Dear Meredith tax! I hope that you will be doing well. I am Lanja Abdolla From Kurdistan Region of Iraq. I am very pleasure to read your essay about Kenneth Roth. That's rights many organization under the name of protecting the Human rights they work bu in reality they didn't know what they do. Dear Meredith we want you to wright for our English Section of our Web-News. You know the situation of women in Iraq and Kurdistan is very bad. and anyone doesn't support for the women issues and Gender equality we have a lot of problems like: Honor killings, Circumspection.... and so on. And if it's possible for you to create a good contacts with us for sharing Information. Best Regards Lanja Abdulla Director of Warvin Foundation for Women issues Tel: +9647504510666 facebook: Lanja Abdulla

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