July 2011

Ellen Levine: Censorship, Abortion, and YA Books

I have worked for many years on issues of gender-based censorship, meaning the complex ways that women's voices—and issues that particularly affect women—are censored by the publshing industry, the media, educational institutions, and conservatives.  A new piece by Ellen Levine, a long time feminist and an established author of books for children and young adults, show how this censorship affected her YA novel about a teen who gets pregnant and actually has an abortion.  You want to know why there are so few stories of this kind  in TV, movies, or books?&

Afghan women and the Taliban--over to you, Hillary

Note: The following blog was posted today as an op ed in the Guardian.  I have already been asked if I oppose bringing US troops home.  I don't; I want an end to the war.  But there is going to be a considerable period of drawdown in which the US and other countries which have been propping up the Karzai government should do whatever is necessary to protect what democratic opposition exi

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