Welcome to my home in space

           Welcome to my home in space.  Like Henry James's House of Fiction,  it has many rooms.
            In one, you can find my books.  In another, you can read articles that have been out of print for many years but may still have some value.  Most are about women and women's liberation, in the US and globally. Pieces on gender and censorship arise from my work on those issues.  Other pieces are about books and cultural questions.  Still others are about Jews and the need for American Jews to stop being bullied by unelected leaders and stand up for a just peace in Israel and Palestine.
            In other rooms you will find photos, bios, interviews, what I'm reading—the usual.  And, of course, a blog, which will be about whatever obsesses me at the moment. You can sign up at the RSS feed to receive it in your mailbox.   If you find any of these articles useful, please write a comment.  It's not easy to be a writer these days and feedback helps.  If you want to reach me directly, go to Current Projects, click on Calendar, and go to the bottom where it says Public Speaking.  There is a link there to contact me.  Sorry to be elaborate but I am trying to avoid spam.

To contact Meredith Tax, write meredithtax at gmail dot com.
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